‘The Truth in Pictures’ article by Sheila Sofian

One from the archives of FPS magazine, published in 2005. Sheila Sofia writes about animated documentary shorts, including her own films ‘Survivors’ and A Conversation with Haris’.

[EDIT – FPS magazine is now no longer available online, so the article is uploaded here as a series of jpegs]

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I am a British Animation Director, Researcher and Senior Lecturer. My specialist area is animated documentary, my films screen internationally at film festivals and exhibitions. Recently, my work on the feature film Irene’s Ghost was nominated for a BIFA Award in 2018 and was cited as one of the best films of 2019 by the Guardian. My short-animated documentary Bathroom Privileges for the BFI won the AHRC Research in Film (Animation) Award 2020. I am Programme Leader of Animation BA at Northumbria University. I am on the editorial board for Animation, Practice, Process and Production. I am the co – founder of AnimatedDocumentary.com.

4 thoughts on “‘The Truth in Pictures’ article by Sheila Sofian

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    • Thanks Yasmine, you’re right. The editor, Emru Townsend, died in 2010 and though the magazine remained online when we made the post in 2012, it’s no longer available. Fortunately though we have a copy, and have uploaded it here as a series of jpegs. It’s not as good as being able to download the PDF, but hopefully the next best thing. Thanks for flagging it up!

      • Hi! That’s great news! Thanks a lot for your reactivity. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to click on the pictures to zoom on it. Would you be able to change that ? Thank you.

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