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Who We Are

AnimatedDocumentary.com was set up by animadoc directors Alys Scott-Hawkins & Ellie Land in 2011 as interest was growing in animated documentary.

Alys is an artist and animation director who works with drawing and documentary. Her short films have won several awards and been commissioned for television by Channel 4.


Ellie Land is an award-winning animation director and designer. Her current projects include directing animation for the BFI funded documentary Irene’s Ghost and directing a short animation for Silent Signal commissioned by Animate Projects. Ellie is senior lecturer in animation at Northumbria University.


Alex Widdowson is a London-based animator, illustrator and freelance graphic designer. In 2015 he was part of the Ani:Dox Lab in Viborg, Denmark.

Carla Mackinnon

Carla is a filmmaker with a background across animation, live action, art and events. She graduated from an MA in animation at Royal College of Art in 2013 and is currently a PhD candidate at Arts University Bournemouth, conducting practice-based research into the Institutional and Production Contexts of animated documentary.

Linnea Havilland

Linnea makes short animated documentaries mainly centered around the theme of gender, race and representation, mixing different techniques in order to question the positions of artist and viewer. She currently works at Studio Aka and as a Youth Peer Mentor.

Get Involved

As UK-based film-makers we’re aware that what we already know has an English language and European bias, but we’re keen to represent what’s happening in animadoc all around the world, so we’d love you to contribute your news too.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to join the community and contribute news, reviews or share updates on your projects. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or via the RSS feed, or email blog@alyshawkins.co.uk.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey people – great page! I am just taking over a professorship at erg Brussels (http://www.erg.be/erg/) for “cinema d’animation” and as you can see on my websites I have a special interested regarding questions of animated documentary/ documentary animation. Also at the department I will put a specific focus on that – could be nice to collaborate in the future somehow! Lets see… just as a first contact…
    Best, Alexander

  2. I have to say I am so thankfull for your website:
    I just started researches for my master’s degree’s thesis which will be about sound in animated documentaries and… well, loads of great info and usefull references are to be found here!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Agathe,
      Thanks for the feedback – great to know that the site is useful for your research. Perhaps you’d like to share your thesis when its complete? We are always looking for new writing and contributions…

  3. Well I am studying in Paris so writing in French, but I will definitly forward it to you if I have the occasion to translate it in English.
    I will let you know next summer!

  4. Great effort!
    I would love to be in touch with you guys. I’m also doing my research on ‘Animated documentary’. It is awesome.
    Thank you

  5. I’m looking for a copy of the short film ‘His Mother’s Voice’ by Dennis Tupicoff but having no joy anywhere. Do you know where I would be able to find a copy, please?

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