Animated Documentary workshop, Austria, 6th-10th July 2013

Animation Summer

News in of the five day animadoc workshop which will run as part of Animation Summer, the Tricky Women Summer Academy, at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Polten.

Led by Sam Moore, participants will work collaboratively to produce a short film.

This is just one of a programme of creative animation workshops running on the same week. The cost of each is €390, which must be paid by 29th July.

The programme is open to male & female participants.

More info here:

We look forward to hearing more about it!

‘Animated Documentaries’ at Tricky Women 2013

A brilliant selection of films this year by the Tricky Women Festival in Vienna, Austria, including a special animated documentary programme. It’s a fantastic festival, do get yourself along if you happen to be in Vienna!

6th – 10th March

Animadoc programmes at Tricky Women 2011

Another tip-off from Annegret Richter at the brilliant DOK Leipzig festival. Here are two programmes of animadoc films by female film-makers which she curated for the Tricky Women festival in Vienna, Austria last year.

AnimationsfilmKunst von Frauen – book by the Tricky Women film festival

Friend of the blog Annegret Richter (Head of Animation at DOK Leipzig festival in Germany) has recommended this book ‘Women in Animation’ written and produced by Waltraud Grausgruber and Birgitt Wagner who run the Tricky Women Animation Festival in Vienna, Austria. Within it there’s much information and a bonus DVD, including some animadoc films.–tricky-women.html