Society for Animation Studies annual conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK 2015

Wow. What a brilliant few days! Here are a few of the drawings I made during some of the excellent presentations and keynotes. Many apologies to those represented – accuracy has never been one of my strong points!!

It was my first SAS conference, and also the first time I’ve delivered a paper. I met some lovely people and got some really useful feedback. Thank you all. Next year is Singapore….

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‘Silent Signal’ work in progress website by Animate! Projects


Image by Samantha Moore for Silent Signal.

Animate! projects with the Wellcome Trust has commissioned six artist/scientist teams to put forward ideas for possible animated works under a project called Silent Signal.

“Silent Signal explores how research into genetics, cell biology, immunology and epidemiology is advancing our understanding of how the human body communicates with itself, how it adapts to fight disease and how environment affects the chain reaction. Six biomedical scientists who are furthering these fields with cutting-edge research are collaborating with six artists who use a variety of animation techniques and new digital technologies in their artistic practice. Through these collaborations audiences will be engaged with the biological processes that their bodies perform with an artistic approach to communicating the science.”

They have published the process on their blog, which is a fascinating insight into the collaborative relationship between the scientists and artists. The site also shows work in progress of various applications of animation  from animated documentary, participatory animated documentary, game art through to interactive experiences using animation.


UK animation research event, Tues 12th March 2013

AUB website

AUB website

We’ve just been asked to share details of an event at Arts University Bournemouth next Tuesday. This is not animadoc-specific but the invitation comes from animadoc specialist Paul Ward, so we are be sure it will be relevant!

If you wish to attend, and require directions, please contact Valerie Lodge (

Current Issues in Animation Research: Towards a ‘Research Pipeline’
Paul Ward
Arts University Bournemouth
Tuesday 12 March 2013
Time: 4.30pm


The presentation will deal with specific issues to do with the growth of a research culture in the field of Animation theory and practice. The ‘pipeline’ metaphor, derived from a term used in production, most obviously offers a way into thinking about how research around Animation might be produced, organised and disseminated. But it also emphasises that all stages of the Animation process – from pre-production, through production, to post-production, extending backwards (with archive work) or forwards (with Research & Development projects into technological innovations), and including student production work and research – should be part of the overall research procedure.

The presentation will also talk more generally about how research is framed and inflected (and, some would argue, distorted) by the double binds and contradictions of building a research culture, using John Caldwell’s ‘production culture’ paradigm as a model for further reflection.

Dr. Paul Ward
Principal Lecturer – BA (Hons) Animation Production

‘PGR Event’ at the University of Wolverhampton

Exciting schedule of events in the first week of November in Wolverhampton. The University of Wolverhampton is holding an animation postgraduate research event curated by animated documentary director and academic Samantha Moore, as well as the start of the Flip Animation Festival. More details below:
The full programme of presentations is now available on-line for our animation post graduate research event at the University of Wolverhampton on Thursday November 1st 2012.The day will consist of presentations by current animation PhD students from universities around the UK. They will be talking about their work in progress; an interesting mix of work about activism in animation, animation as therapy, animation and genre …

The full programme is available on the website

“The event at the university is free, although you must book your place with us (please e-mail S.Moore[at] to do so). We would like to encourage animation PhD students, supervisors and those considering undertaking post graduate research in animation to attend, so if you know anyone who would find this useful please do pass on the details.That day marks the start of the Flip animation festival and we’ve arranged the day so that you can go on to attend a special guest screening, Q&A and animation quiz in the evening if you’d like to stay on (there will be a separate cost for this at a reduced rate for our attendees). There will also be a dinner before the Flip festival kicks off, at a cost per head of approximately £19 each. Please let me know if you would like to book a seat for this. We hope to see you in Wolverhampton in November!”