‘Tiberians’ Dreams’ by DM stop

Another from the Vimeo doco-anim channel, specifically chosen as its subject centres on the life and work of being an animator. We do however disagree with the interviewees statement about Caroline Leaf!

‘Two young pencils document four Israeli animation icons. They confront them with questions, film and record every word, story or argument and by that try to comprehend the existence they once shared and the insights they still share (or are divided upon) about contemporary animation and creation in Israel.
This film was made in “Bezalel academy of art and design” in Jerusalem using stop-motion animation.’


‘Man on the Land’ by UPA


Posted by oldclassiccartoons on Youtube, this is an information film from 1951 about the development of agriculture made by UPA for the American Petroleum Institute; so in fact, it’s really propaganda for doing your farming with oil-powered machines!


‘Shadow Stories’ by Samantha Moore


Here are animateddocumentary.com we are pleased to share the latest work by Samantha Moore. Here are two trailers from her up and coming film Shadow Stories, which features objects from Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery’s pre-historic gallery. Samantha is working with four different animators, two of whom have provided the beautiful, painterly animated responses for the trailers. We are really excited to see the finished film!



‘Prayers for Peace’ by Dustin Grella



We have previously posted about the Animadoc channel over on Vimeo, it’s curator Boaz Lederer has kindly given us permission to feature some of his collection here at animateddocumentary.com. We start with this short animation, a deeply moving story of family loss due to the Iraq War. Slate and pastel animation sensitively supports the narration.


‘Ex Libris’ by Melissa Hacker

Ex Libris is a hybrid non-fiction film using animation, collage, and first person narrative to trace the vanished world of the ex libris collection my grandfather, Marco Birnholz, commissioned, created and lost in Vienna between the two world wars. Ex Libris will explore the intimate, intricate universe my grandfather created in his collection, and the exploding world he recorded in his diaries.

Ex Libris will be completed in spring 2013.


More from London production company Beakus for the National Maritime Museum

A beautifully crafted collection of clips commissioned for interactive exhibits at the museum in Greenwich, to be viewed on tablets PCs, directed by Leo Bridle and produced by Steve Smith.