‘Why Build a Sun on Earth’ by Nik Morris

Why Build a Sun on Earth? from Nik Morris on Vimeo.

Short film made by Nik Morris in collaboration with fusion scientists at York Plasma institute, this is a beautifully designed film which disseminates academic research.

“Touring UK schools in a portable ‘Sun Dome’, this film offers an informative and entertaining spectacle that demonstrates the benefits of nuclear fusion research and empowers its young audiences to be part of the solution for our energy future.”

Winner: 1st Prize, Durham New Energy Futures Film Festival at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK on September 27th 2012

Review on One & Other here: http://www.oneandother.com/articles/why-build-a-sun-on-earth/

‘The Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard & Free Range Studios

As much an internet phenomenon as a short film, Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios have created a website which is the centre point for an online campaign which asks us to question our relationship to stuff, and consider where stuff comes from and goes to.

There are all sorts of resources on the website http://www.storyofstuff.org including several films, podcasts and downloads. The films have been used as educational tools and then criticised for politically manipulating children.

See what you think here.

‘The Tree Officer’ by Neil Jack

Passionate about botany and horticulture, Gary is wearied by the endless requests from the town’s citizens for trees to be cut down. Resigned to his fate, he signs his daily quota of death warrants with an air of droll melancholy, assisted by his two colleagues: Matt, a sardonic temp with a stapling addiction; and Avril, a dedicated worker with an unreliable arm and a dysfunctional relationship with technology.

The link below is only a clip, but there is an interview with the director included.