‘5 animated films’ DVD by Dennis Tupicoff


Just in time for a last minute christmas present: “For the first time: a chance to see these prize-winning 1983-2007 films collected on DVD and BluRay.”



AnimationsfilmKunst von Frauen – book by the Tricky Women film festival

Friend of the blog Annegret Richter (Head of Animation at DOK Leipzig festival in Germany) has recommended this book ‘Women in Animation’ written and produced by Waltraud Grausgruber and Birgitt Wagner who run the Tricky Women Animation Festival in Vienna, Austria. Within it there’s much information and a bonus DVD, including some animadoc films.


‘A is for Autism’ by Tim Webb

If you don’t know this film, then you should! I certainly consider it one of the films which inspired me in what animation could do.

Director Tim Webb worked with autistic children and adults whose artwork informed the visual style of the film, as well as describing their experiences in the soundtrack.

The DVD is available here.

Animating Reality – DVD

Animating Reality - DVD

Animating Reality, this compilation includes award-winning animated short documentaries by 13 filmmakers from Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France, Finland, Canada, Belgium and the United States.
Employing a variety of animation techniques (including stop-motion, claymation, flash, sketch, hand-painted watercolor, multimedia collage, manipulated archive footage and rotoscoping) these films explore issues impacting the world today in a more experiential form.