Crowd funding ‘The Last 40 Miles’, a film by Alex Hannaford

Although not claiming to be an animated documentary The Last 40 Miles, ‘a short animated film about life, death and compassion’, is based on a true story. The mixed media animation refers to the real life narrative of a death row inmate whom Alex Hannaford, writer and director, came across while working as a journalist covering the Texas prison system.

Not yet completed, the filmmakers have chosen to use crowd funding to raise the rest of the capital they need to pay the production costs. Crowd funding has become an integral resource for contemporary independent filmmaking. Although not a new phenomenon, the advent of social media and specially designed sights has lead to greater numbers of productions choosing this root.

Often such campaigns offer rewards in exchange for donations, the highest levels of philanthropy resulting in a credit as executive producer. Follow the link below to see how the team have used a short video to pitch to potential donators. Indiegogo, the fundraising platform also allows us to observe their progress.

‘February’ from 365 Days by the Brothers McLeod

365 – February from The Brothers McLeod on Vimeo.

Might be pushing it a bit here, but the makers describe their project to make 1 second of animation a day, every day of 2013, thus:

‘Some of the days are things that happened, others are things that have been fired off in our imaginations, and some are inspired by other people – particularly music or sounds given to us by our collaborators’.

So on the basis that some of what you see here is autobiography, of a sort, enjoy!