‘Silence’ by Orly Yadin & Sylvie Bringas

After fifty years a Holocaust survivor recalls her time as a child in the camps, and afterwards with relatives in Sweden; based on the experiences of Tana Ross.


Best Animation, Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia 1999
Grand Prix, Odense Film Festival, Denmark 1999
Gold Hugo Animated Short, Chicago International Film Festival, USA 1998
Best Short Film, Oslo Animation Festival, Norway 1998
Fist Prize: Shorts, Cinanima International Animation Festival, Portugal 1998

‘Waltz with Bashir’ by Ari Folman

Much has been said about this highly successful feature – the first animated documentary to ‘break through’ to cinema audiences, and an influence on many films which have followed it.

Here’s the film’s official site, with some revealing information about the making of the film in the ‘Production Notes’ section – click ‘The Film’ tab.


Puzzle by Tom Kless

A beautifully concise and unexpectedly poetic film.

Are there more animated docs on adultery out there?


A very personal Animated Documentary piece depicting my Mother’s thoughts on my parents’ divorce
Originally released as part of a Documentary project called “Drawing the Line”
created at Sapir Academic College
Director Tom Kless had this to say: It is always heartwarming to feel that people can connect to and are moved by a very personal creation of mine. I view documentary filmmaking and especially animation as a fantastic way to undergo a personal theraputic process. I am currently working on my next animated documentary film, which deals with father and son relationships in my family over the course of 3 generations.