‘Nothing to Envy’ trailer from Mosiac Films

Check out the trailer and campaign film for this work-in-progress from Mosaic Films, the London production company behind the two ‘Animated Minds’ series. And what a great reason to use animation – revealing the secrets of a country where the cameras just couldn’t go.


There’s just a week left to go to donate to the film’s Indiegogo campaign.

‘Another Day of Life’ feature in production

A Spanish, German and Belgian co-production, directors Raul de la Fuente & Damian Nenow are making a film based on war reporter Ryszard Kapuścińki’s book about the trip he made to Angola in 1975.

The images are beautiful, but funny how they bear more than a passing resemblance to a certain animadoc war feature we have all seen. Is this similarity about what funders will fund, or are we animadoc makers suffering from a lack of vision?

Read the article here.

‘Shadow Stories’ by Samantha Moore


Here are animateddocumentary.com we are pleased to share the latest work by Samantha Moore. Here are two trailers from her up and coming film Shadow Stories, which features objects from Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery’s pre-historic gallery. Samantha is working with four different animators, two of whom have provided the beautiful, painterly animated responses for the trailers. We are really excited to see the finished film!



‘John Ross: American’ by Worker Studio

An animated documentary about all American War hero John Ross. This film has an interesting method of raising funds for its production, including creating characters to look like the Army Platoon ‘Misfits’ currently serving in Afghanistan. The Blog has trailers and concept art, as well as interviews with John Ross himself.


‘Ex Libris’ by Melissa Hacker

Ex Libris is a hybrid non-fiction film using animation, collage, and first person narrative to trace the vanished world of the ex libris collection my grandfather, Marco Birnholz, commissioned, created and lost in Vienna between the two world wars. Ex Libris will explore the intimate, intricate universe my grandfather created in his collection, and the exploding world he recorded in his diaries.

Ex Libris will be completed in spring 2013.


‘Maisha’ by Hannah Klein and Abi Welsh

Project in progress – an animation and documentary project with a participatory focus made with a group of school children in Mlali, a village in Tanzania, East Africa. We look forward to seeing the outcome, here’s a little about their project:

Central to the project will be an ethic of collaboration, where a group of community members will be encouraged, through the use of small camcorders, to document life as they see it. We will carry out animation, character design and story telling classes in the school, and characters designed by the children will feature in the final cut. The completed film will be made up of the community’s footage, material detailing the filming process and the animation. Because of this format, we will go to Tanzania, not with a set story line or definite point of interest, but with a framework through which community members can develop their own narratives and express their own interests and stories.

The final film, edited and produced partly in Mlali with community members, will consist of an intersection of these narratives, both in film and animated format. On returning to the UK, by entering the film into festivals and shows, we hope to reflect to a global audience a genuine portrayal of every-day life in East Africa, as well as the creativity and vibrancy that exists there.


‘And We Were Young’ by Andy Smetanka

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to fund this paper cut film (to be shot on 8mm!) about American soldiers in the First World War, from US director Andy Smetanka.

Campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1486916197/and-we-were-young?ref=card

Teaser and pitch here: http://laughingsquid.com/and-we-were-young-a-cut-paper-animated-documentary-about-americans-in-wwi

Good luck Andy!