‘The Beloved Ones’ by Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore’s 2007 UK Film Council commissioned animated documentary explores problems of stigma and denial in a Ugandan community through the eyes of two women dealing with the effects of HIV/AIDS in their respective families. The materiality of this animation technique … Continue reading

‘An Eyeful of Sound’ by Samantha Moore

Here’s Samantha Moore’s 2010 film on synaesthesia, produced by Joshka Wessels of Sapiens Productions and funded by the Wellcome Trust. Screened at many international festivals the film has won several awards including Best Experimental Animation, Scinema Science Film Festival. http://www.samanthamoore.co.uk/#/an-eyeful-of-sound/4516109011

A day at Deptford Animadocs

The Deptford Animadocs symposium took place on a warm July day in Deptford Cinema, London. A converted shop edging the bustle of Deptford Market, the venue, which is run entirely by volunteers, is plastered with cult film imagery and local information, combining … Continue reading

The first AnimatedDocumentary.com Award at FAFF 2016!

We were thrilled to be part of this years Factual Animation Film Fuss festival: hosting an event, giving our first ever award, and mingling with the great and the good of the UK animated documentary crowd. The festival is in … Continue reading

Animated documentary events at Encounters Festival 2016, Bristol, UK

AnimatedDocumentary.com is getting ready to cover the Encounters Short film and Animation Festival. The festival runs from the 20th to 25th September across a number of Bristol’s cultural venues. Friday 23rd September looks to be an exciting day for Documentary Animation fans: … Continue reading

‘Silent Signal’ by Animate Projects

“Silent Signal is an ambitious project that brings together six artists working with animation together with six leading biomedical scientists to create experimental animated artworks exploring new ways of thinking about the human body” Image copyright Samantha Moore ‘Loop’ 2015 … Continue reading

‘Health Issues and Animation’ blog posts by Animationstudies 2.0

Over on the Society for Animation studies blog, ‘Animationstudies 2.0’, there are a number of articles written on the theme of animation and health, two of which feature writing about animated documentary. Samantha Moore’s piece called “Secret Architecture – the construction … Continue reading

‘Silent Signal’ work in progress website by Animate! Projects

Image by Samantha Moore for Silent Signal. Animate! projects with the Wellcome Trust has commissioned six artist/scientist teams to put forward ideas for possible animated works under a project called Silent Signal. “Silent Signal explores how research into genetics, cell … Continue reading