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Well we have had a fabulous year to date so far here at Particularly with the addition of our two contributors Alex Widdowson and Charlotte Kaye. Charlotte has now moved on to other things, but we are thrilled that Alex has continued to write for the blog and we hope that he will stay with us next year.

Our other news is that both the co founders of are soon off to have a baby each!  And so Alys, Ellie and Alex will be taking a short break from the blog.

We have however been working hard to ensure that you, our readers still have your weekly dose of anima doc posts. So we have scheduled some exciting reviews for the following three months to keep you all going.

A special thanks to Alex for getting some fabulous reviews and films together in a short space of time for our maternity leave!

If you want to get in contact with us over the next three months, please do so by leaving a comment here or on facebook. It may take us a little while to respond.

As always we really welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions for the blog.

We will be back in January 2014 with more exciting anima doc news.

Till then

Ellie, Alys and Alex.


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