Review of animadoc at DOK Leipzig 2012

Dok Leipzig is now finished for another year, and as always the festival has done the animated documentary community proud with its programmes on anima doc. For those that didn’t know Leipzig is the first festival to curate a programme solely for animated doc, and has been championing the genre for over 15 years.

I attended the ‘Schicksale’ programme, which means ‘Destiny’ in english. The highlight for me was ‘Paper box’ by Zbigniew Czapla (a still from his film features above), a mesmorising animated document of his family photo album, ruined by flash flooding in his home town. The photos, decomposing with mold over time during the animated film, are framed and chosen by the mould initiated by water damage. The director remarked that ‘nature was the director in this film.’

Another three films of note are ‘Nurse Gretal no.2 Escap’e and ‘Nyosha’, both films feature real emotional testimonials about survival during World War 2 from a German and a Jewish perspective. Also a film called ‘Reality 2.0’ about drug trafficking in Mexico, featuring rotoscoped images of provocative youtube footage.

When the films become available online, we will feature them, but for now you will have to keep an eye out for them on the festival circuit.

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I am a British Animation Director, Researcher and Senior Lecturer. My specialist area is animated documentary, my films screen internationally at film festivals and exhibitions. Recently, my work on the feature film Irene’s Ghost was nominated for a BIFA Award in 2018 and was cited as one of the best films of 2019 by the Guardian. My short-animated documentary Bathroom Privileges for the BFI won the AHRC Research in Film (Animation) Award 2020. I am Programme Leader of Animation BA at Northumbria University. I am on the editorial board for Animation, Practice, Process and Production. I am the co – founder of

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